Beauté debuted with a superior line of brushes—designed seductively to perform beautifully.

Each of Beauté's brushes is carefully weighted, each hair is carefully chosen, and each shape is painstakingly handcrafted.

Tremendous control resides behind the Beauté quality. Brush by brush, the hair is specifically chosen for ideal weight, density and concentration, from cruelty free sable to technologically advanced synthetics. Hand placement provides perfect graduation and softness. With fourteen brushes in the collection, some are designed as multi-functional, others are beautifully specialized. Chinese lacquered wood handles gleam lustrously in Beauté violet-noire. Metal ferrules glisten in mirror black. These are secret tools women are going to want to flaunt. Each brush can be purchased separately. Purchased in its entirety, the collection comes in a sleek, lizard embossed brush clutch.