Luxurious high quality black barrel definer wood pencils with cap ensures smooth, rich, and long-wearing color in a creamy formula that perfectly define, shape or fill the eloquence of lips.

Lip Definers may be worn alone or used to compliment our Weightless Lip Crème, Liqui-Gel Stain or Luminous Volume Gloss collections. These selections may define the natural lip line, correct lip line irregularities or may be used over the entire lips.



Luxurious black barrel definer wood pencils with caps are formulated with the newest formulations of high quality ingredients to provide a rich and smooth application for precise definition.

Eye Definers’ creamy texture can be blended for a natural outline and is ideal for smudging heavier applications to acquire a dramatic, smoky effect. These beauty compliments are long wearing and fragrance free.



Luxurious black barrel wood definer pencils with caps fill, sculpt and define the eye brow with a rich, matte and velvety formula.

Eye Brow Definers’ firm texture provides maximum control for smooth strokes of color. The fragrance free essence of high quality leads provides flexibility that may be blended or smudged for long lasting wear.