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  • This top grade goat hair brush is soft to the touch, yet firmer than our powder brush. Perfect for applying blush with its graduated shape, it lends a concentrated, yet soft looking blush to the skin. Also perfect for applying hi-lighting products to areas such as collarbones, shoulders and breasts and for applying loose or pressed powder to areas such as the nose and under eye area.

  • Carefully tap off any excess product from the brush before application.

    When applying powder apply in small circular motion to buff into the skin, leaving a luminous matte finish.

    Bronzing powder applied with this brush leaves a translucent wash of color on the skin, start by tapping off excess bronzer and then applying product to the forehead, leading the brush down onto the temple, the cheek and then to the jaw line. Repeat on other side of the face and dust remaining Product on nose and chin for a perfect sunlit glow.

    Powder blush is radiant and soft applied with this large brush, use it on the apple of the cheek to apply a soft flushed glow, apply left over blush remaining on brush lightly to temples and jaw line to give natural looking glow to the face.

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