Contour Brush


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  • This small powder brush can literally reshape the look of your face. Created with graduated edges and of a soft yet firm mix of hairs this brush takes the mystery out of contouring and hi-lighting the face. Made of Pony and Squirrel the Contour brush applies impeccably blended contour every time.

  • Use this brush to apply contour products under the cheekbones, the temples, the cleavage, the temples, under the jaw-line to slim the face and to the sides of the nose to narrow the bridge.

    Apply Hi-lighting products with brush to the tops of cheekbones, brow bone, center of nose and chin, bow of the lips, above brows and middle of forehead.

    Contour brush can be used as large eye shadow brush for blending, applying base colors, or as an all over wash brush to apply sheer color from lash line to brow.

    For doll-like cheeks use this brush to apply blush to the apple of the cheek with this brush in small circular motions to build a sheer or vivid application of powder cheek color.

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